Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow (2xLP)


2xLP, MP3 Download

Warner Bros - 936249323-4 - 093624932345

A1: Ruckus In B Minor
A2: Felt
A3: 40th Street Black / We Will Fight
A4: Mistaken Identity
A5: Hold The Heater
B1: Crushed Egos
B2: Keep Watch
B3: Miracle
B4: Preacher's Daughter
B5: Pioneer The Frontier
C1: Necklace
C2: Ron O'Neal
C3: A Better Tomorrow
C4: Never Let Go
C5: Wu-Tang Reunion
D1: Ruckus In B Minor (Instrumental)
D2: Mistaken Identity (Instrumental)
D3: Miracle (Instrumental)
D4: Ron O'Neal (Instrumental)
D5: Never Let Go (Instrumental)


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