Why? - Aokohio (LP, indies-only crimson ice vinyl)

£14.99 £20.99

LP, crimson ice vinyl

Joyful Noise Recordings - JNR302 - 753936904316

A1: Apogee
A2: The Rash
A3: Peel Free
A4: Reason
A5: Deleterio Motilis
A6: Stained Glass Slipper
A7: The Launch
A8: High Dive
A9: Mr. Fifths' Plea
A10: Good Fire
B1: Narcissistic Lamentation
B2: Krevin'
B3: The Crippled Physician
B4: Ustekinumab
B6: My Original
B7: Rock Candy
B8: Once Shy
B9: The Shame
B10: Bloom Wither Bloom

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