Void - Sessions 1981-83 (LP, brown vinyl)


LP, brown vinyl

Dischord Records - DIS171V - 643859171011

A1: Void
A2: War Hero
A3: Go South
A4: Condensed Flesh
A5: Controller / Revolt
A6: Dehumanized
A7: Suburbs Suck
A8: Organized Sports / W.T.F.A.Y.
A9: Annoyed
A10: Don't Wanna Be Like You
A11: Black, Jewish, And Poor
A12: Please Give Us A Chance
A13: Protect And Serve
A14: Time To Die
A15: Self-Defense
A16: Draft Me Please
A17: Authority
A18: All White Neighborhood
A19: Halfway Boys
A20: Wasted Party
B1: Dehumanized
B2: Authority
B3: My Rules
B4: Get Out Of My Way
B5: Condensed Flesh
B6: Organized Sports / Annoyed
B7: Controller / Revolt
B8: Black, Jewish, And Poor
B9: War Hero
B10: Go South
B11: Dehumanized
B12: Get Out Of My Way
B13: Explode
B14: My Rules

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