Violation Wound - Dying To Live, Living To Die (LP, 180g Heavyweight Vinyl)


LP - 180g Heavyweight Vinyl

Peaceville - VILELP839 - 801056883919

A1. Off With His Head
A2. Guns! Guns! Guns!
A3. No Consequence
A4. Follower
A5. Lack Of Focus
A6. Dead Flags
A7. Exorcism Of Ignorance
A8. Neighborhood Psycho
A9. The Day Lemmy Died
B1. Stress Bomb
B2. Chainsaw Brain
B3. Dying To Live, Living To Die
B4. Last Pill In The Bottle
B5. Pay To Hate
B6. Insult Culture
B7. Pick Up The Crumbs
B8. Losers And Freaks
B9. Hostage

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