Vinnie Paz - God Of The Serengeti (2xLP)



Enemy Soil - ES1201DLP - 857259002381

A1: Shadow Of The Guillotine
A2: Slum Chemist
A3: The Oracle
A4: And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun
A5: Last Breath
B1: Crime Library
B2: Feign Submission (Interlude)
B3: Duel To The Death
B4: Problem Solver
B5: Battle Hymn
C1: Geometry Of Business
C2: Jake LaMotta
C3: 7 Fires Of Prophecy
C4: Cheesesteacks
D1: Cold, Dark And Empty
D2: Razor Gloves
D3: Wolves Amongst The Sheep
D4: You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train

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