Various - Rail Cables - Winter 2015

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Rail Cables starts off on a roll with a split LP from Scanner, Dru$s (of Salford surrealists Gnod) Ran Slavin & Greg Fox. Each artist gets one side of vinyl each to explore the label's theme of music based around railway travel. Legendary electronic producer Scanner starts off with a first class ticket to late night train travel experimentation, a heady mixture of Powell-esqe post-punk drums cascading into a tripping SND style electronica number before moving into steppin' techno territory. Next up is Dru$s exploring the idea of late night solo train rides through inner city urban areas, starting off at Manchester Piccadilly before mainlining into the costa del Salford with an experimental electronic piece at times "Low"-era Bowie and at others more urban autobahn all executed with a Mancunian confidence on the last train to nowhere. Ran Slavin starts off side 3 with a bleak and cold number titled 'Unis' painting images of a winter evening spent on a cold platform 13 waiting for the last train home before things go proto-metal on Greg Fox's first number 'Lamb' where from the sounds of it his CD player has started skipping to great effect (long train ride perhaps the batteries started running out?) the sometime Ben Frost drummer covers a lot of ground with his side of experimental electronics that is just the ticket to closing off this beautifully compiled debut release from this promising label, a searching full length, we can't wait to see what awaits us at the next platform.

Scanner - Singlecore Gateway To Oblivion
Druss - Last Train To Nowhere
Ran Slavin - Unis
Ran Slavin - Something City
Ran Slavin - Unis (Reprise)
Greg Fox - Lamb
Greg Fox - Self Reflection At Tarantula Hill
Greg Fox - 7779111166
Greg Fox - Homoplasmates
Greg Fox - Adversary
Greg Fox - Nouminaut

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