Various - Rail Cables - Spring 2015



Following on from The Winter Selection – which featured music from the likes of Scanner, Dru$s (Paddy from Gnod), Israeli musician Ran Slavin and drummer Greg Fox (Guardian Alien / Liturgy / Ben Frost) – Rail Cables return with The Spring Selection, spread across four sides of wax and featuring Being, Benoit Pioulard, Symbol & Dead Voices On Air. Being opens the compilation with two tracks originally released on Andrew Weatherall's SabreSongs imprint in 1995, 'Muse' and 'Mclaren' – which actually inspired the origination of series – provide an overwhelmingly fresh introduction to the Spring Selection. The spotlight moves to Benoit Pioulard in the third track as he celebrates the arrival of Spring, creating a stunningly misty and nostalgic soundscape that fits perfectly with the vision of flowers blooming and the sun rising. This moves fittingly into Symbol's pieces which continue rolling along the same tracks. Dead Voices On Air – AKA Mark Spybey, who originally started out as a member of the North-East experimental electronic band Zoviet*France – closes off the selection with 'Into The Sun' which closely misses the twenty-minute mark, it's a cinematic and contemplative piece, really something special.


Being - Muse
Being - Mclaren
Benoit Pioulard - THA9340
Benoit Pioulard - REG3135
Benoit Pioulard - TGV2743
Benoit Pioulard - LLR0638
Benoit Pioulard - IR2522
Benoit Pioulard - ES9144
Symbol - If you do it right it will last forever
Symbol - Soft Entrance
Symbol - Guardian
Symbol - Permanence
Symbol - With Sympathy
Dead Voices - Into The Sun


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