Various - Look But Don't Touch! Girl Group Sounds USA 1962-1966 (LP)



Ace - CHD1593 - 029667012812

A1: The Shirelles - Hey, Rocky
A2: The Witches - My Little Baby
A3: The Ikettes - Nobody Loves Me
A4: 2 Of Clubs - He Calls Me Child
A5: The Delicates - A Dumb Song
A6: Linda Laurie - Chico
A7: The Hollywood Chicks - Tossin' A Ice Cube
B1: The Carolines - Baby That's Me
B2: Mayalta Pag - Don't Worry About Me Baby (I Feel Just Fine)
B3: The Darlettes - Sweet Kind Of Loneliness
B4: The Pussycats - You May Be Holding Me Baby
B5: Carol Slade - I Wanna Know Right Now
B6: Carol Connors - My Baby Looks, But He Don't Touch
B7: The Bermudas - Chu Sen Ling

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