Various - Bullshit Detector Three (2xLP, grey vinyl)


LP, grey vinyl

Crass Records - 19843LTD - 5016958101053

A1: Avert Aversion - Oh What A Nice Day
A2: Awake Mankind - Once Upon A Time
A3: A Nul Noise - Hibakusha
A4: Animus - Nuclear Piss
A5: Peroxide - Ministry Of Death (M.O.D.)
A6: Untitled - We Are Taught To Kill
A7: Xtract - Fight For Peace
A8: Verbal Assault - Not Yet Ron
A9: Fifth A Column - Counterfeit Culture
A10: Potential Victim - People
B1: 7th Plague - Rubber Bullets
B2: Rebel A - Genesis To Genocide
B3: Alienate - Living In Fear
B4: Barbed Wire - Weapons Of War
B5: Rob Williams - Lies
B6: Reality Control - The War Is Over
B7: Youthanasia - Power
B8: Sammy Rubette & Safety Match - The Ballad Of Maggie The Maggot
B9: Politicide - 51st State
B10: Markus Abused - The Killing Machine
C1: One Man's Meat - Your Country Misleads You
C2: Direct Action - Death Without A Thought
C3: Crag - Voice Your Protest
C4: Attrition - In Your Hand
C5: Napalm Death - The Crucifixion Of Possessions
C6: The Impalers - Sun, Sun, Sun
C7: Health Hazzard - Picture Show
C8: Phil Hedgehog - Radio TImes
C9: Malice - Faceless
C10: Michael Kingzett Taylor - Paranoia
D1: Brainwashed Pupils - The Demonstration
D2: No Defences - Work To Consume
D3: A.N.E.E.B. - Berlin Wall
D4: Carnage - Carnage
D5: Warning - Beasts Of Fiction
D6: State Of Shock - Excess Youth
D7: Neale Harmer - Hard Nut
D8: Dead To The World - Action Man
D9: Dandruff - Life In A Whiskey Bottle
D10: Richard III - Will You Care?
D11: Funky Rayguns - The Hare And The Tortoise

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