Various Artists - Typical Girls (Clear LP)



Emotional Response – ER25 - 713382062107

A1 Earth Girls - Oland
A2 Primetime - Dumbhead
A3 Nots - Reactor
A4 Daskinsey4 - Optic Nervous System
A5 Quaaludes - Incoming Liberation
A6 The Splits - Belgrade
A7 Frau - Safety Instructions
A8 UV-TV - Fight Flight
A9 B.D. - Vise Grip
B1 Shopping - Get Going
B2 Kenny Kenny Oh Oh - The Beauty Of Absenteeism
B3 Charm Bags - Trouble
B4 The Meow Meows - Rude Girl's Gone To Jail
B5 Street Eaters - Paralyzed
B6 Slum Of Legs - Razorblade The Tape
B7 Rakta - Caverna

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