Various Artists - Soul Jazz presents Inner City Beat


Soul Jazz Records Presents Inner City Beat: Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers 1967-1975



Peter Reno and Barry Stoller - Sparks 
Syd Dale - Danger Musicians At Work 
Clive Hicks - Transit 
Norrie Paramor - Theme From New Scotland Yard 
Francis Coppieters - Funky Chimes 
Dave Richmond- Gotta Getaway 
Dave Richmond - Heavy Lead 
Reg Tilsley - Ode To A Stone 
Ernest Copley - Fuel Injection 
Brass Incorporated - On A Bicycle Made For 3 
Tilsley Orchestral - The Ratcatchers 
Ernest Copley - Dynamic Patterns 
David Lindup - Men of Action 
Brass Incorporated - Come One, Come All 
Francis Coppieters - Cross Talk 
The International Studio Orchestra - High Diplomacy 
Syd Dale - The Hell Raisers 
Johnny Pearson - Product Efficiency 
Johnny Hawksworth - Conveyor Belt 
The International Studio Orchestra - Police Five 
Johnny Pearson - Grand Prix 
David Lindup - Superformance 
Ernest Copley - Crossflow 
Johnny Hawksworth - Workshop

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