SALE: Various - A Giant Has Nowhere To Go: Tongue Master Records Presents Selections From Comes With A Smile 2000-2006 (LP+7") was £32.99

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Tongue Master - TMASTLP004 - 5055143211146

A1: The Scene Is Now - Words
A2: Howe Gelb - Wolf Pup
A3: Mark Mulcahy - Elephantine
A4: Sigmatropic featuring Edith Frost - Haiku 4 (Alt)
A5: Mark Eitzel - Bought A Book
A6: The Real Tuesday Weld featuring Sephine Lo - Dreaming of You
B1: Lullaby For The Working Class - In Defense Of Abstractions
B2: Nina Nastasia - I Will Never Marry
B3: David Grubbs - Aging Young Lovers
B4: Brokeback With Chicago Underground Duo - Chomsk, Live!
B5: Blanche - Never Again (Demo)
B6: Songs: Ohia - Untitled
C1: The American Analog Set - Everything Ends In Spring (Edit)
D1: Low - Walk Into The Sea (acoustic version)

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