Traxman - Slash Time: The Album (LP, + CD)


LP, plus CD of the full LP. Sides A + B released separately as

Duck n' Cover - DNC1202 - 666017297415

C1: No One Winz
C2: Who's Next On Tha Flow
C3: Unstoppable
C4: I Like Two
D1: No Return
D2: Taken a Trip U
D3: Boogie Woogie
D4: We On Mars

01. No One Winz
02. Boogie Woogie
03. Who's Next On Tha Flow
04. She Take It in Tha Face
05. Taken a Trip U
06. Survive
07. Lava
08. Slash Time
09. Unstoppable
10. Electro Tekk
11. I Like Two
12. Da Best Think I Can Affar
13. No Return
14. We On Mars


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