The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (LP+4xCD Deluxe Edition)


LP+4xCD Deluxe Edition

Rhino - 0603497843442 - 603497843442

Disc One: Original Album (2021 Remaster)
1: Takin A Ride
2: Careless
3: Customer
4: Hangin Downtown
5: Kick Your Door Down
6: Otto
7: I Bought A Headache
8: Rattlesnake
9: I Hate Music
10: Johnny’s Gonna Die
11: Shiftless When Idle
12: More Cigarettes
13: Don’t Ask Why
14: Somethin To Dü
15: I’m In Trouble
16: Love You Till Friday
17: Shutup
18: Raised In The City
19: If Only You Were Lonely (B-side)

Disc Two: Raised In The City – The Early Recordings
1: Try Me (Demo)
2: She’s Firm (Demo)
3: Lookin For Ya (Demo)
4: Raised In The City (Demo)
5: Shutup (Demo)
6: Don’t Turn Me Down (Demo)
7: Shape Up (Demo)
8: I Hate Music (Studio demo)
9: Careless (Studio demo)
10: Shutup (Studio demo)
11: Otto (Studio demo)
12: Get On The Stick (Studio demo)
13: Oh Baby (Studio demo)
14: Raised In The City (Studio demo)
15: Shiftless When Idle (Studio demo)
16: More Cigarettes (Studio demo)
17: You Ain’t Gotta Dance (Studio demo)
18: Don’t Turn Me Down (Studio demo)
19: Rattlesnake (Basement version)
20: Takin’ A Ride (Basement version)
21: Lie About Your Age (Basement version)
22: We’ll Get Drunk/Customer (Basement version)
23: Johnny Fast (Basement version)
24: Mistake (Basement version)
25: Basement Jam (Rehearsal)

Disc Three: Tape’s Rolling – Studio Outtakes, Alternates & Home Demos
1: Careless (Alternate version)
2: Takin A Ride (Alternate version)
3: Shutup (Alternate version)
4: Otto (Alternate mix)
5: Raised In The City (Alternate version)
6: Rattlesnake (Alternate mix)
7: Love You Till Friday (Alternate version)
8: Customer (Alternate version)
9: Somethin To Dü (Alternate version)
10: Johnny’s Gonna Die (Alternate version)
11: I’m In Trouble (Alternate version)
12: I Hate Music (Alternate version)
13: We’ll Get Drunk
14: More Cigarettes (Alternate mix)
15: Get Lost (Instrumental)
16: Hangin Downtown (Alternate version)
17: Shutup (Alternate version)
18: Somethin To Dü (Alternate version)
19: Don’t Ask Why (Alternate mix)
20: Kick Your Door Down (Alternate mix)
21: Love You Till Friday (Alternate mix)
22: Johnny’s Gonna Die (Alternate mix)
23: Like You (Outtake)
24: Get Lost (Outtake)
25: A Toe Needs A Shoe (Outtake)
26: You’re Pretty When You’re Rude (Solo Home Demo)
27: If Only You Were Lonely (Working Version/Solo Home Demo)
28: Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo)
29: You’re Getting Married (Solo Home Demo)

Disc Four: Unsuitable for Airplay – The Lost KFAI Concert (Live at the 7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN, 1/23/81)
1: Careless
2: Takin A Ride
3: Trouble Boys
4: Hangin Downtown
5: Like You
6: Off Your Pants
7: Get Lost
8: Excuse Me
9: Customer
10: I Wanna Be Loved
11: Mistake
12: My Town
13: Shiftless When Idle
14: Oh Baby
15: I’m In Trouble
16: Johnny’s Gonna Die/All By Myself
17: More Cigarettes
18: Otto
19: Don’t Ask Why
20: Slow Down
21: Somethin To Dü
22: Love You Till Friday
23: Raised In The City
24: Rattlesnake
25: All Day And All Of The Night
26: I Hate Music
27: Shutup

LP: Deliberate Noise – The Alternate Sorry Ma…
A1: Takin A Ride (Alternate version)
A2: Careless (Alternate version)
A3: Customer (Alternate version)
A4: Hangin Downtown (Alternate version)
A5: Kick Your Door Down (Alternate mix)
A6: Otto (Alternate mix)
A7: I Bought A Headache (Alternate mix)
A8: Rattlesnake (Alternate mix)
A9: I Hate Music (Studio demo)
B1: Johnny’s Gonna Die (Alternate mix)
B2: Shiftless When Idle (Studio demo)
B3: More Cigarettes (Alternate mix)
B4: Don’t Ask Why (Alternate mix)
B5: Somethin To Dü (Alternate version)
B6: I’m In Trouble (Alternate version)
B7: Love You Till Friday (Alternate mix)
B8: Shutup (Alternate version)
B9: Raised In The City (Alternate version)

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