The Police - Around The World: Restored & Expanded (LP+DVD, gold vinyl)


LP+DVD, blue vinyl

Mercury - 4800645 - 602448006455

A1: Walking On The Moon
A2: Deathwish
A3: So Lonely
A4: Can't Stand Losing You
B1: Truth Hits Everybody
B2: Roxanne
B3: Born In The 50's
B4: Message In A Bottle
B5: Bring On The Night
DVD-1: Next To You
DVD-2: Walking On The Moon
DVD-3: Born In The 50's
DVD-4: So Lonely
DVD-5: Man In A Suitcase
DVD-6: Can't Stand Losing You
DVD-7: Bring On The Night
DVD-8: Canary In A Coalmine
DVD-9: Voices Inside My Head
DVD-10: When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
DVD-11: Shadows In The Rain
DVD-12: Don't Stand So Close To Me
DVD-13: Truth Hits Everybody
DVD-14: Roxanne


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