The Heliocentrics - 13 Degrees Of Reality (2xLP)



Now-Again Records - NA5097LP - 659457509712

A1: Feedback (Intro)
A2: Ethnicity
A3: Public Safety Broadcast (Interlude)
A4: Mysterious Ways
A5: Dreams (Interlude)
A6: Collateral Damage
B1: Outtake (Interlude)
B2: Freeness Part 2
B3: Wrecking Ball
B4: Mind Readers (Interlude)
B5: Descarga Electronica
C1: A Musical Conspiracy (Interlude)
C2: Eastern Begena
C3: Hall Of Mirrors (Interlude)
C4: Mr. Owusu, I Presume?
C5: The Abstract And The Absolute (Interlude)
D1: Black Sky
D2: Prepare For Lift-Off (Interlude)
D3: Path Of The Black Sun
D4: Calabash
D5: Vibrations Of The Fallen Angels (Outro)

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