The Fiend - Complete Recordings 83-87 (2xLP, red)


2xLP, Red Vinyl

Back On Black - BOBV884LP - 803341525870

Demo 2 - 1984
A1: Fires Of Hell
A2: Religion
A3: Stand Alone
A4: Remember Who We Are
A5: What Future?
A6: Don't Let Em Die
A7: Politician
Demo 3 - 1985
B1: Dangerous Weapons
B2: Prediction '88
B3: Hospital Case
B4: Murdered
B5: Yet Again
Demo 4 - 1985 and Demo 5 1987
C1: Oppression
C2: Fingertip Touch
C3: Dangerous Weapons
C4: It Ain't Hard
C5: Immortal Hell
C6: Ghost Town
C7: Controlled Fears
Demo 1 - 1983
D1: It's A Bomb
D2: On The Dole
D3: Weird Boy
D4: I.R.A.
D5: Help Me

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