The Dream Syndicate - What Can I Say? No Regrets... (3xCD boxset)


3xCD boxset

Fire Records - FIRECD612 - 809236161222

CD1.1: Out Of The Grey
CD1.2: Forest For The Trees
CD1.3: 50 In A 25 Zone
CD1.4: Boston
CD1.5: Blood Money
CD1.6: Slide Away
CD1.7: Dying Embers
CD1.8: Now I Ride Alone
CD1.9: Drinking Problem
CD1.10: Dancing Blind
CD1.11: You Can't Forget
CD1.12: Let It Rain
CD1.13: Cinnamon Girl
CD1.14: Ballad Of Dwight Frye
CD1.15: Shake Your Hips
CD1.16: I Won't Forget
CD1.17: The Lonely Bull
Disc Two: This Is Not The New Dream Syndicate Album... Live At Scorgies
CD2.1: Out Of The Grey
CD2.2: 50 In A 25 Zone
CD2.3: That's What You Always Say
CD2.4: Slide Away
CD2.5: Dancing Blind
CD2.6: Blood Money
CD2.7: Dying Embers
CD2.8: It Hits You Again
CD2.9: Now I Ride Alone
CD2.10: John Coltrane Stereo Blues
CD2.11: Still Holding On To You
CD2.12: When You Smile
CD2.13: The Days Of Wine And Roses
Disc Three: Odds & Sods
CD3.1: Here On Earth As Well
CD3.2: Dancing Blind
CD3.3: Blood Money
CD3.4: Dying Embers
CD3.5: Slide Away
CD3.6: It Hits You Again
CD3.7: Now I Ride Alone
CD3.8: Eighteen
CD3.9: Another Brick In The Wall
CD3.10: Brain Damage
CD3.11: Out Of The Grey Waltz
CD3.12: The Munsters Theme Song
CD3.13: Sixteen Ways
CD3.14: Papa Was A Rolling Stone
CD3.15: Low Rider
CD3.16: Papa Jam
CD3.17: I Ain't Got Nobody
CD3.18: Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
CD3.19: Badge
CD3.20: Dancing Blind
CD3.21: Blood Money

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