The Dark Alamorte - Lunacrium Thepsis (3xLP, Black Marbled vinyl)


3xLP, Black Marbled vinyl

Unique Leader Records - ULR333LP - 196626250575

I: The Inner Quiet
II: Cast Into Froth
III: Gowns Of Undying Light
IV: Vongrimson Burrows
V: A Loathing Tomb
VI: Glasshaven
VII: Tempest Barren Furor
VIII: Inmergo Dominium
IX: Antediluvian Revelation
X: Infernal Judgement
XI: Ungiving Sorrow
XII: Tusk In The Abyss
XIII: Fearfeeder
XIV: Scourge Of Fire
XV: Lunacrium Thepsis

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