The Charlatans - A Head Full Of Ideas (3xLP, opaque vinyl)

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3xLP, opaque vinyl

Then Records - THENLP1X - 5053760075394 

A Head Full Of Ideas
A1: The Only One I Know
A2: Weirdo
A3: Can't Get Out Of Bed
A4: Jesus Hairdo
A5: Just When You're Thinking Things Over
A6: North Country Boy
A1: Tellin' Stories
A2: One To Another
A3: How High
A4: Forever (Edit)
A5: Impossible (Edit)
C1: Love Is The Key
C2: A Man Needs To Be Told
C3: Up At The Lake
C4: Blackened Blue Eyes
C5: Oh Vanity
D1: My Foolish Pride
D2: Come Home Baby
D3: Let The Good Times Be Never Ending (Edit)
D4: Plastic Machinery
D5: Totally Eclipsing
Trust Is For Believers
A1: Polar Bear (Blackburn, King Georges Hall: November 1990 - BBC Radio 1)
A2: Indian Rope (Reading Festival 1992 - BBC Radio 1)
A3: Can't Even Be Bothered (Reading Festival 1992 - BBC Radio 1)
A4: Can't Get Out of Bed (Glasgow Tramway, Sound City 1994 - BBC Radio1)
A5: I Never Want an Easy Life (If Me and Him Were Ever to Get There) (Glasgow Tramway, Sound City 1994 - BBC Radio1)
B1: Then (Glastonbury Festival 1995 - BBC Radio 1)
B2: Here Comes a Soul Saver (Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 1997)
B3: My Beautiful Friend (Delamare Forest, Cheshire 2007)
B4: The Blind Stagger (Delamare Forest, Cheshire 2007)
B5: Sproston Green (Reading Festival 1999 - BBC Radio 1)

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