The Beatles - Let It Be (5xLP boxset)


5xLP boxset

Apple Corps - 713889 - 602507138899

LP 1:
A1: Two of Us
A2: Dig a Pony
A3: Across the Universe
A4: I Me Mine
A5: Dig It
A6: Let It Be
A7: Maggie Mae
B1: I've Got a Feeling
B2: One After 909
B3: The Long and Winding Road
B4: For You Blue
B5: Get Back

LP 2:
C1: Morning Camera (Speech - mono) / Two of Us (Take 4)
C2: Maggie Mae / Fancy My Chances With You (Mono)
C3: Can You Dig It?
C4: I Don't Know Why I'm Moaning (Speech - mono)
C5: For You Blue (Take 4)
C6: Let It Be / Please Please Me / Let It Be (Take 10)
C7: I've Got a Feeling (Take 10)
D1: Dig a Pony (Take 14)
D2: Get Back (Take 19)
D3: Like Making an Album? (Speech)
D4: One After 909 (Take 3)
D5: Don't Let Me Down (First rooftop performance)
D6: The Long and Winding Road (Take 19)
D7: Wake Up Little Susie / I Me Mine (Take 11)

LP 3:
E1: On the Day Shift Now (Speech - mono) / All Things Must Pass (Rehearsals - mono)
E2: Concentrate on the Sound (mono)
E3: Gimme Some Truth (Rehearsal - mono)
E4: I Me Mine (Rehearsal - mono)
E5: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (Rehearsal)
E6: Polythene Pam (Rehearsal - mono)
E7: Octopus's Garden (Rehearsal - mono)
F1: Oh! Darling (Jam)
F2: Get Back (Take 8)
F3: The Walk (Jam)
F4: Without a Song (Jam) - Billy Preston with John and Ringo
F5: Something (Rehearsal - mono)
F6: Let It Be (Take 28)

LP 4:
G1: One After 909
G2: I'm Ready (aka Rocker) / Save the Last Dance for Me / Don't Let Me Down
G3: Don't Let Me Down
G4: Dig a Pony
G5: I've Got a Feeling
G6: Get Back
H1: For You Blue
H2: Teddy Boy
H3: Two of Us
H4: Maggie Mae
H5: Dig It
H6: Let It Be
H7: The Long and Winding Road
H8: Get Back (Reprise)

LP 5:
I1: Across the Universe (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)
I2: I Me Mine (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)
J1: Don't Let Me Down (new mix of original single version)
J2: Let It Be (new mix of original single version)

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