Tenebrositas ‎- Terra Miseriae (2xLP)




A1 The Shadows Went Forth
A2 Slavery, Torment, Death
A3 Grim Triumph Of Misery And Doom
A4 A Sorrow After The Sorrow
A5 Where Only The Ravens Dare
A6 Forlorn Path To Obscurity
B1 Eternal Wrathland
B2 To Dwell Among The Specters
B3 Darkness Casts A Final Veil
B4 Times Before The Ashen Throne
B5 Depths Are Whispering Again
B6 Darkness Wrapped In Flesh
C1 Necrotic Spirits Reawakening
C2 Hideous Mist Beneath The Monolith
C3 Coronation Of The Sullen Master
C4 Temples Of Bloodlust And Tyrannic Will
D1 The Silence Ghastly Wins
D2 Moonlit Wintercrypt
D3 Along In The Frozen Wastelands
D4 A Silence So Cold

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