Tear Da Club Up Thugs Of Three 6 Mafia - CrazyNDaLazDayz (2xLP, dried blood vinyl)


2xLP, dried blood vinyl

Get On Down - GET51338CLP - 196588207518

A1: DaLazDayz
A2: Who the Crunkest
A3: Smoked Out
A4: I'm Losing It
A5: Throw Your Sets
A6: Undercover Freaks
B1: Wet Party
B2: Elbow A Nigga
B3: Hell Naw
B4: Get Buck, Get Wild
B5: On Da Block
B6: What You Lookin' For
C1: Paper Chase
C2: Hypnotize Cash Money
C3: When God Calls Time Out
C4: Big Business
C5: When It's On It's Murder
C6: Push 'Em Off
D1: Slob On My Knob
D2: All Dirty Hoes
D3: Triple Six Clubhouse
D4: A Niggas Worst Downfall
D5: Hypnotize Minds / Profit Posse
D6: Comin' Up Next

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