Taang! Records the First 10 Singles Box (RSD 2014)


Taang! #1 - Gang Green
A - Sold Out
B - Terrorize

Taang! #2 - Last Rights
C - Chunks
D - So Ends Our Night

Taang! #3 - Stranglehold
E - Same All Over
F - She's Not Leaving

Taang! #4 - Last Stand/Noonday Underground
G - Scum Guns
H - Injun Joe

Taang! #5 - Negative FX
I - V.F.W.
J1 - Mind Control
J2 - Negative FX
J3 - Together
J4 - Feel Like A Man

Taang! #6 - Gang Green
K - Skate To Hell
L - Alcohol

Taang! #14 - Oysters
M - Mine Caroline
N - Tell Me

Taang! #15 - Lemonheads
O1 - Glad I Don't Know
O2 - I Like To
P1 - I Am A Rabbit
P2 - So I Fucked Up...

Taang! #18 - Moving Targets
Q - Less Than Gravity
R1 - Faith
R2 - Squares & Circles

Taang! #21 - Slapshot
S - Same Mistake
T - Might Makes Right

Taang! - The First Ten Singles Collection
CD-1 Gang Green Sold Out
CD-2 Gang Green Terrorize
CD-3 Last Rights Chunks
CD-4 Last Rights So Ends Our Night
CD-5 Stranglehold Same All Over
CD-6 Stranglehold She's Not Leaving
CD-7 Last Stand Scum Guns
CD-8 Noonday Underground Injun Joe
CD-9 Negative FX V.F.W.
CD-10 Negative FX Mind Control
CD-11 Negative FX Negative FX
CD-12 Negative FX Together
CD-13 Negative FX Feel Like A Man
CD-14 Gang Green Skate To Hell
CD-15 Gang Green Alcohol
CD-16 Oysters, The Mine Caroline
CD-17 Oysters, The Tell Me
CD-18 Lemonheads, The Glad I Don't Know
CD-19 Lemonheads, The I Like To
CD-20 Lemonheads, The I Am A Rabbit
CD-21 Lemonheads, The So I Fucked Up...
CD-22 Moving Targets Less Than Gravity
CD-23 Moving Targets Squares & Circles
CD-25 Slapshot Same Mistake
CD-26 Slapshot Might Makes Right

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