Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) (2xLP)


2xLP, poster

Century Media - 19658702271 - 196587022716

A1: Revelations (Intro)
A2: Unanswered
A3: Hands Of A Killer
A4: The Price Of Beauty
A5: The Fallen
A6: No Pity For A Coward
A7: The Disease
A8: Bludgeoned To Death
B1: Girl Of Glass
B2: In A Photograph
B3: Eyes Sewn Shut
B4: Green Monster
B5: Destruction Of A Statue
B6: A Dead Current
C1: Swarm
C2: Engine No. 9
C3: Unanswered (Live In Paris)
C4: Bludgeoned To Death (Live In Paris)
C5: The Price Of Beauty (Live In Paris)
C6: Swarm (Live In Paris)
C7: No Pity For A Coward (Live In Paris)
D1: Green Monster (Live In Paris)
D2: The Fallen (Live In Paris)
D3: Destruction Of A Statue (Live In Paris)
D4: Hands Of A Killer (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D5: In A Photograph (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D6: The Fallen (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D7: Untited (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)

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