Stupids - Van Stupid / Frankfurter (LP, Blue Vinyl)


LP, Blue Vinyl

Visible Noise - TORMENT130 - 5017687622307

A1: Stupids - Texan Vacation
A2: Stupids - Layback Session
A3: Stupids - Rootbeer Death
A4: Stupids - Sorry It Blew My Head
A5: Stupids - Leave Your Mark
A6: Stupids - I Don't Like Nobody (Porno Mix)
A7: Stupids - Vampire
B1: Frankfurter - Hot Babes
B2: Frankfurter - Mega Zombie 
B3: Frankfurter - Pasta Boy
B4: Frankfurter - Raise The Breadknife
B5: Frankfurter - Freak E Frank And The Get Frank Crew
B6: Frankfurter - Gimme Donuts
B7: Frankfurter - Inbred Zombies
B8: Frankfurter - More Of The Same

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