Stealing Sheep & The Radiophonic Workshop - La Planète Sauvage (2xLP)



Fire Records - FIRELP653 - 809236165312

A1: Opening Credits
A2: The Chase
A3: Saved/Captured
A4: The Bracelet
A5: Council Of Draags Pt. I
A6: Terr & Tiwa
A7: The Knowledge Pt. I
B1: The Fight
B2: The Knowledge Pt. II
B3: The Initiation
B4: Escape
B5: The Big Tree
B6: The Ritual
B7: The Duel
C1: Theft/Zarek
C2: The Bird
C3: The Free Oms
C4: The Purge
C5: The Journey To Ygam
C6: Council Of Draags Pt. II
D1: The City Of Free Oms
D2: Robot Attack
D3: The Fantastic Planet
D4: The Final Battle
D5: Terr
D6: End Credits

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