SALE: Sightless Pit - Lockstep Bloodwar (LP, translucent red with black vinyl) was £32.99

£24.99 £32.99

LP, translucent red with black vinyl

Thrill Jockey - THRILL550LPX - 790377550115

1: Resin on a Knife (feat Midwife)
2: Calcified Glass (feat YoshimiO and Gangsta Boo)
3: Flower to Tomb (feat Lane Shi Otayonii)
4: Lockstep Bloodwar
5: Low Orbit (feat Frukwan)
6: False Epiphany (feat Claire Rousay)
7: Shiv (feat Crownovhornz)
8: Morning of a Thousand Lights
9: Futilities (feat Foie Gras)

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