Rudimentary Peni - Cacophony (LP)



Sealed Records - SEAL-020 - 5056321659637

A1: Nightgaunts
A2: The Horrors In The Museum
A3: The Only Child
A4: Architectonic And Dominant
A5: The Evil Clergyman
A6: Brown Jenkin
A7: Crazed Couplet
A8: Sarcophagus
A9: Lovecraft Baby
A10: Dream City
A11: C12 H22 O11
A12: Zenophobia
A13: Sunset For The Lords Of Venus
A14: Beyond The Tanarian Hills
A15: Imps Of The Perverse
B1: The Dead Loved
B2: Periwig Power
B3: Kappa Alpha Tau
B4: American Anglophile In The World Turned Upside-Down
B5: Memento Mori
B6: Better Not Born
B7: Arkham Hearse
B8: The Old Man Is Not So Terribly Misanthropic
B9: Gentlemen Prefer Blood
B10: Sonia
B11: The Day The Universe Ceased (March 15th 1937)
B12: The Crime Of The Century
B13: Musick In Diabola
B14: Shard
B15: Black On Gold

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