[RSD22D2] Warrior Soul - Odds and Ends (LP, red + blue)


LP, red + blue


Warrior Soul's worldwide fanbase is going to snap up this first-time-ever-on-vinyl RSD exclusive red vinyl LP.

After many releases over the years, Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul still hold a strong fanbase especially in the UK/ European markets.

This record is full of never before released on vinyl and rare outtakes from the band, who many still consider the voice of a generation.

1. NYC Girl
2. Gimme Some of This
3. Punk Rock 'n' Roll
4. 5 Ways to the Gutter
5. Last Decade Dead Century
6. If You Think You're Bad
7. My Sky
8. Makin' It Holy
9. Raised on Riots
10. Kiss Me
11. Space Age Playboys (Unreleased)

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