[RSD22D2] Keith Richards - Talk is Cheap / Live at the Palladium (2x Cassette)


2x Cassette


Specially created for Record Store Day, this exclusive double-cassette release features Keith Richard's debut solo album, Talk is Cheap, and the live release from the Talk is Cheap tour, Live at the Palladium.

1. Big Enough
2. Take It So Hard
3. Struggle
4. I Could Have Stood You Up
5. Make No Mistake
6. You Don't Move Me
7. How I Wish
8. Rockawhile
9. Whip It Up
10. Locked Away
11. It Means a Lot

CASSETTE 2: (live)
1. Take It So Hard
2. How I Wish
3. I Could Have Stood You Up
4. Too Rude
5. Make No Mistake
6. Time is on My Side
7. Big Enough
8. Whip It Up
9. Locked Away
10. Struggle
11. Happy
12. Connection
13. Rockawhile

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