Handsome Boy Modeling School - So How's Your Girl? (2xLP)



Tommy Boy – TB-1258-1

A1 Rock N' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) 4:21
A2 Magnetizing 6:10
A3 Metaphysical 3:25
B4 Look At This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous) 1:59
B5 Waterworld 5:22
B6 Once Again (Here To Kick One For You) 4:01
B7 The Truth 5:37
C8 Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) 4:01
C9 Calling The Biz 0:49
C10 The Projects (P Jays) 4:29
C11 Sunshine 4:09
D12 Modeling Sucks 1:02
D13 Torch Song Trilogy 3:54
D14 The Runway Song 4:48
D15 Megaton B-Boy 2000 4:57
D16 Father Speaks 1:27

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