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2xLP, black / silver

Do Yourself In Records - DYI026LP

Record Store Day 2022 reissue. Includes complete "Live at The Hospital" set (originally on the "Lacuna" CD single), "Body Shaped Bruies" (b-side from the "Into My Blood" CD single), alternate mixes of "Paris", "Shoot" and "Monument", and an outtake called "Anamorphous (Sketch)", previously titled "The Colour Of Wet Leaves" when released on the "Work In Progress" promo CD.

Disc one is black vinyl, disc two silver vinyl.
A1 Shoot
A2 Into My Blood
A3 Lacuna
A4 Paris
A5 Monument
B1 Motel 74
B2 Overcome
B3 Sit Tight
B4 Elegy
C1 Anamorphous (Sketch)
C2 Shoot (Chikinki Remix)
C3 Monument (Alternate Take)
C4 Paris (Alternative Version)
C5 Body Shaped Bruise
D1 Motel '74 (Live at The Hospital)
D2 Elegy (Live at The Hospital)
D3 Shoot (Live at The Hospital)
D4 Lacuna (Live at The Hospital)

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