[RSD21D2] The Wildhearts - Cuts So Deep (12" EP)


RSD2021 Item - DROP 2

12" EP


From deep in the Round Records archives comes a recording of The Wildhearts live at Dudley JB's in 2003. Featuring the line-up of Ginger, CJ, Jon Poole and Stidi, this performance, captured by Jase Edwards, perfectly represents The Wildhearts' raw side. Fresh from the success of The Wildhearts' latest live album, 30 Year Itch, producer extraordinaire, Dave Draper has once again brought alive The Wildhearts' live magic.

This must-have limited edition release is available as a 12" EP especially for Record Store Day 2021.

1. Nexus Icon
2. Get Your Groove On
3. Lets Go
4. In Like Flynn
5. Shut Your F*cking Mouth and Use Your F*cking Brain
6. OCD

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