[RSD21D2] IIVII (Neurosis/Red Sparowes) - Obsidian (LP)


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IIVII (aka Josh Graham, visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, electro-acoustic composer) focuses on enigmatic cinematic atmospheres, exploring elements of electronica, classical, ambient, drone and vaporwave. Josh is known for his work with Neurosis, Red Sparowes, Battle of Mice and A Storm of Light.

Leaving behind the science fiction themes from his first two full length albums, Obsidian explores and reworks Josh's original score for the behind-the-scenes documentary, Mother! The Downward Spiral, which details the making of Darren Aronofsky's film, Mother!.

"This is music meant for listening in the dark with lush orchestration - Beautiful, eerie, uncomfortable, and moving - all encompassing." - Scene Point Blank

"These soundscapes come across moody and beautiful, embodying the desolation, isolation and an unshakable sense of reverence." - About.Com

"One of the most adventurous albums in the so-called ambient scene - IIVII, a name that will have a huge impact on the future of atmospheric music." - Merchants Of Air

For fans of: Tribes of Neurot, Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, S U R V I V E, Zombi, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze

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