[RSD21] Nada Surf - Cycle Through (LP, transparent blue vinyl)

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LP, transparent blue vinyl

City Slang - Slang50369LP

After the release of their Album “Never Not Together" in early 2020 Nada Surf releases brand new and unreleased tracks with a special focus on one of the bands biggest hits “So Much Love” which is now available in French and Spanish as well as an acoustic version. Also included, an orchestra version of the 2nd album hit "Looking for You“. This is a Record Store Day exclusive LP. The Tracks were available digitally only. Comes in Gatefold with transparent blue vinyl colour.

1. Under the Linden Tree
2. Stories Going 'Round
3. Between the Wars
4. Looking for You (Orchestral)
5. So Much Love (Acoustic)
6. Tanto Amor (So Much Love)
7. Tant d'Amour (So Much Love)
8. Just Wait (Extended Film Version)

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