[RSD20] The New Clarence Reid - Cadillac Annie / Tired Blood (7")



Phil-La of Soul - PHILLA1416

Reproduced for the first time since its 1967 release as only the second record on phil-la of soul records, “cadillac annie” b/w “tired blood” showed off the writing, producing and singing skills of this multi-talented progenitor of miami soul.

the new clarence reid was the first undisguised incarnation of the character he invented only a couple of years later as blowfly. preceding those amusing filthy parodies of soul songs complete with cape, mask, and high-heeled , clarence reid showed both his imitative and original skills with this single, the doleful and plaintive “tired blood” b/w “cadillac annie,” his homage down to the chorus and horn riff to wilson pickett’s “mustang sally.”

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