Snapped Ankles - 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge (LP, Leaf Green vinyl)

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LP, Leaf Green vinyl

Leaf - BAY122VX

21 Metres To Hebden Bridge is a ragged-edged document of Snapped Ankles’ 2019 live show, during which they sold out and sold up venues the length and breadth of the country. The woodwose donned their sharpest suits and took their estate agent guise on the road. The infamous log synths became For Sale signs. The venues were measured up - 21 metres from the Hebden Bridge Trades Club stage to the pool table (accurate as of 12th October 2019). A survey completed via primal, driving rock and roll. A sales pitch, a handshake. Another deal sealed, before driving to the next town and doing it all over again.

The hits are racking up: I Want Minutes Back, Rechargeable, Drink and Glide and Letter from Hampi Mountain all present and incorrect. A dancefloor that flexed so hard the room shook. While one woodwose goes to work with a tape measure, the others beat the hell out of their instruments like their life depends on it. Foliage, sweat, dancing and the art of the deal. Stunning Luxury. 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge.

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