[RSD20] Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks (LP)


RSD20 Drop2 - September 26th 2020


New West - NW5343

With his latest EP, Cover Your Tracks, Lund expands on his Western heritage by wearing his more popular and prominent influences on his sleeve. Covering songs from diverse artists such as Lee Hazlewood, Billy Joel, Marty Robbins and AC/DC, Lund expands on not only his favourite songs but on the range, sound and style in which those songs are delivered. Featuring the likes of Ian Tyson and Hayes Carll, Cover Your Tracks is a focused and deliberate collection of classic and unexpected songs, curated by Corb.

1. 90 Seconds of Your Time
2. Old Men
3. I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey [feat. Jaida Dreyer]
4. Raining Horses
5. Oklahomans!
6. Grizzly Bear Blues
7. Dance with Your Spurs On
8. Louis L’amour
9. Never Not Had Horses
10. Ranchin’, Ridin’, Romance (Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad)
11. Rat Patrol
12. Tattoos Blues

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