[RSD18] Bert Jansch - Santa Barbara Honeymoon (LP, Purple Vinyl + Bonus CD)


RSD18 Item

LP (Purple Vinyl) + Bonus CD


A1 Love Anew
A2 Mary And Joseph
A3 Be My Friend
A4 Baby Blue
A5 Dance Lady Dance
A6 You Are My Sunshine
B1 Lost And Gone
B2 Blues Run The Game
B3 Build Another Band
B4 When The Teardrops Fell
B5 Dynamite
B6 Buckrabbit

CD1 Build Another Band (Alternate Version)
CD2 When The Teardrops Fall (Live At Montreux, 1975)
CD3 Lady Nothing (Live At Montreux, 1975)
CD4 Dance Lady Dance (Live At Montreux, 1975)
CD5 Angie (Live At Montreux, 1975)
CD6 One For Jo (Live At Montreux, 1975)

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