Rory Gallagher - All Around Man (Live In London) (3xLP)



Cadet Concept – 4882500 - 602448825001

A1 Continental Op
A2 Heavens Gate
A3 Don't Start Me Talkin'
A4 Kid Gloves
B1 Mean Disposition
B2 The Loop
B3 Tattoo'd Lady
B4 The King Of Zydeco
C1 Moonchild
C2 Out On The Western Plains
C3 Ride On Red, Ride On
C4 Walkin Blues
D1 Empire State Express
D2 Shadow Play
D3 I Wonder Who
D4 Shin Kicker
E1 Middle Name
E2 When My Baby She Left Me
E3 Ghost Blues
F1 Messin' With The Kid
F2 Keep A Knockin'
F3 Bullfrog Blues
F4 All Around Man

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