Robert Crotty & Loren Connors - Robert Crotty With Me: Loren's Collection 1979-1987 (LP+CD)



Family Vineyard - FV96 - 656605409610

A1: TB Blues
A2: Come Back Baby
A3: Improvisation No. 5
A4: Golden Ring
A5: Improvisation No. 1
A6: Blow Wind Blow
A7: That's All Right
B1: Come Back Baby
B2: Bye And Bye, I'm Going To See The King
B3: Honeymoon Blues
B4: Improvisation No. 3
B5: Improvisation No. 2
B6: Georgia On My Mind
B7: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
CD1: Robert Crotty: Lights Out
CD2: Robert Crotty: Groanin' The Blues
CD3: Robert Crotty: When Things Go Wrong
CD4: Robert Crotty: I Love My Whiskey
CD5: Robert Crotty: TB Blues
CD6: Robert Crotty: Trouble In My Mind
CD7: Robert Crotty: Never Let Me Go
CD8: Robert Crotty: I'll Come Runnin' Back To You
CD9: Robert Crotty: I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In
CD10: Robert Crotty: Country Man
CD11: Robert Crotty: Steady Rollin' Man

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