Ride For Revenge - Chapter Of Alchemy - Singles And Compilation Tracks 2006 - 2013 (2xLP)




A1 On The Rays Of Victory
A2 Justine
A3 Remember The Curse
A4 From My Journeys
A5 The Cryptic Heart
B1 Vuohennussijan Ralli
B2 The Renegade Temple
B3 Disclose The Chapter Of Alchemy
C1.1 Act I: Solitude
C1.2 Act II: The Magician
C1.3 Act III: Sympathy For Extremities
C1.4 Act IV: The Test Of Fate
C1.5 Act V: Fading In Confusion
D1 Insects Fled To The Core Of The Earth
D2 Punished For What You Didn't Do Unto Them
D3 Wir Sind Götter I
D4 Spiral Conjuration

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