Repulsion - Horrified (LP, clear and swamp green splatter vinyl)


LP, clear and swamp screen splatter vinyl

Relapse Records - RR44981 - 781676449811

A1: The Stench Of Burning Death
A2: Eaten Alive
A3: Acid Bath
A4: Slaughter Of The Innocent
A5: Decomposed
A6: Radiation Sickness
A7: Splattered Cadavers
A8: Festering Boils
A9: Pestilent Decay
B1: Crematorium
B2: Driven To Insanity
B3: Six Feet Under
B4: Bodily Dismemberment
B5: Repulsion
B6: The Lurking Fear
B7: Black Breath
B8: Maggots In Your Coffin
B9: Horrified

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