Redskins - These Furious Flames! Redskins Live! 1985-8 (2xLP)



London - LMS5521922 - 5060555219222

A1: Lean On Me
A2: Reds Strike The Blues!
A3: Hold On!
A4: Unionize!
A5: Kick Over The Statues!
A6: 99 And A Half (Won’t Do)
B1: It Can Be Done!
B2: Turnin’ Loose (These Furious Flames)
B3: Plateful Of Hateful
B4: Bring It Down!
B5: Don’t Talk To Me About Whether
B6: The Power Is Yours…
C1: Take No Heroes!
C2: Let’s Make It Work!
C3: Tracks Of My Tears / People Get Ready with Billy Bragg & Jerry Dammers
C4: Back In The USSR with Billy Bragg & Jerry Dammers
C5: Skinhead Moonstomp with Jerry Dammers
C6: Keep On Keepin’ On!
D1: The Power is Yours…
D2: Kick Over the Statues!
D3: Hold On!
D4: The Crack
D5: 99 And A Half Won’t Do
D6: Let’s Make It Work!
D7: Keep On Keepin’ On! (Speech Version with Bruce George, South African Activist)

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