Redd Kross - Neurotica (2xLP, 35th anniversary edition, turqouise/purple vinyl)

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2xLP, 35th anniversary edition, turquoise/purple vinyl

Merge - MRG685LPC1 - 673855068503

A1: Neurotica
A2: Play My Song
A3: Frosted Flake
A4: It's The Little Things
A5: Janus, Jeanie, And George Harrison
A6: Love Is You
B1: Peach Kelli Pop
B2: McKenzie
B3: Tatum O'Tot And The Fried Vegetables
B4: Ballad Of A Love Doll
B5: What They Say
B6: Ghandi Is Dead (I'm The Cartoon Man)
B7: All Of The Things
B8: Beautiful Bye Byes
C1: Neurotica (Demo)
C2: Play My Song (Demo)
C3: Pink Piece of Peace (Demo)
C4: All of the Things (Demo)
C5: Janus, Jeanie, and George Harrison (Demo)
C6: McKenzie (Demo)
D1: What They Say (Demo)
D2: Peach Kelli Pop (Demo)
D3: Tatum O’Tot and the Fried Vegetables (Demo)
D4: Love Is You (Demo)
D5: Ghandi Is Dead (I’m the Cartoon Man) (Demo)
D6: Beautiful Bye-Byes (Demo)


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