Prong - Zero Days 2xLP+CD



Steamhammer - SPV2791812LP - 886922791819

A1: However It May End
A2: Zero Days
A3: Off The Grid
B1: Divide And Conquer
B2: Forced Into Tolerance
B3: Interbeing
C1: Blood Out Of Stone
C2: Operation Of The Moral Law
C3: The Whispers
D1: Self Righteous Indignation
D2: Rulers Of The Collective
D3: Compulsive Future Projection
D4: Wasting Of The Dawn
CD-1: However It May End
CD-2: Zero Days
CD-3: Off The Grid
CD-4: Divide And Conquer
CD-5: Forced Into Tolerance
CD-6: Interbeing
CD-7: Blood Out Of Stone
CD-8: Operation Of The Moral Law
CD-9: The Whispers
CD-10: Self Righteous Indignation
CD-11: Rulers Of The Collective
CD-12: Compulsive Future Projection
CD-13: Wasting Of The Dawn
CD-14: Reasons To Be Fearful (Bonus Track)

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