PREORDER - Jonsi - Without Remorse (2xLP, Red Splatter)


PREORDER - Released 17th September 2021

2xLP, Red Splatter

Krunk - 0190296773051

The Soundtrack to Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse"

A1: Aleppo
A2: Sniper
A3: Hallway
A4: Say Her Name
A5: Jail
B1: Campfire
B2: Vaseliev
B3: Arlington
B4: Welcome Home
B5: Death Follows Me
C1: Barents Sea
C2: Zodiac
C3: Murmansk
C4: Rykov
C5: Swim
C6: Exfil
C7: True Patriot
D1: Rooftop
D2: Stairs
D3: Aftermath
D4: Potomac
D5: Funeral

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