Parliament / Funkadelic - Live... Madison Square Garden 1977 (LP)



Purports to be an unofficial Live Recording of P-Funk Earth Tour broadcast on WPLJ-FM from an MSG date in 1977, but is in fact a vinyl release of the previously CD-only Japanese George Clinton Presents Parliament, Funkadelic - Mothership Connection Newberg Session. According to Wikipedia, this material "was recorded in Hangar E at Stewart Airfield in Newburgh, New York on September 26, 1976 during the rehearsals for the P-Funk Earth Tour.

Live On Vinyl ‎– LOVLP 2016 - 5296293201629

Mothership Connection
Dr. Funkenstein
Do That Stuff
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On -> Undisco Kidd
Getten' To Know You
Comin' Round The Mountain
Maggot Brain -> Good To Your Earhole

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