Paradise Lost - Drown In Darkness: The Early Demos (2xLP, black/smoke grey vinyl)

£24.99 £31.99

2xLP, black/smoke grey vinyl

Alma Mater Records - AMR-XI-MMXIX - 5609330051222

A1: Drown In Darkness [Paradise Lost (1988)]
A2: Internal Torment [Paradise Lost (1988)]
A3: Morbid Existence [Paradise Lost (1988)]
B4: Paradise Lost [Frozen Ilusion (1989)]
B5: Internal Torment [Frozen Ilusion (1989)]
B6: Frozen Illusion [Frozen Ilusion (1989)]
C7: Internal Torment [Live in Liverpool (1989)]
C8: Our Saviour [Live in Liverpool (1989)]
C9: Plains Of Desolation [Live in Liverpool (1989)]
D10: Drown In Darkness [Live in Liverpool (1989)]
D11: Paradise Lost [Live in Liverpool (1989)]
D12: Nuclear Abomination [Live in Liverpool (1989)]

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